Nittany is dedicated to building strong customer relationships with its clients through expertise, industry intelligence and execution excellence.

  • Inbound/Outbound calling
  • Generate Sales leads for Supplier or Distributor Reps
  • Provide product quotes over phone
  • Database updates, add new information and contacts
  • Announce new products
  • Order status for purchase orders
  • Follow up on timely orders/reorders
  • Follow up on dormant customers
  • Follow up on Accounts Receivables


  • Customer reps with good communication skills
  • Technology/infrastructure
  • Quality practices
  • Process knowledge and Training
  • People development and practices
  • Transition/implementation management
  • Security/business continuity
  • Geographies/locations
  • Process control and improvement
  • Performance management

Advantages :

  • Outstanding skillsets on Blank, Sample, Literature or Imprint Orders
  • Batch process or real-time entry of orders based on client’s requirement
  • Execution of NDA and confidentiality agreements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Data Entry executed by highly skilled and trained graduates
  • Connectivity to client servers through encrypted VPN and firewall
  • IT head directs policy implementation and data security measures
  • All tape media and archives stored in offsite location
  • Free pilots & transition


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