Nittany process data for companies from different business verticals. We work with tools and applications used by clients with continuous process re-engineering and enhancement. Year on year, we have continued to develop and expand, investing in technology, training and quality, building on the dedication and expertise of our management and staff. Today, we process data for companies and organizations from all market sectors, including both small/medium sized companies.

Today, our 24 x 6 days-a-week production environment enables us to efficiently process data for customers from any time zone. Our commitment to customer service is second to none, and with continued investment in technology and staff skills forms the basis for the future, ensuring that all our customers benefit from our efficient, quality and cost effective data processing.

Our services include :

  • Establishing data transfer and communication protocols with the client's accounting database
  • Retrieving Purchase Orders from client’s server or document management system
  • Preflight & matching art to purchase order
  • Order analysis and data capture onto the client’s software
  • Order acknowledgement, alert sheets and proofs directly sent to the customer
  • Print Job card, traveler and shipping labels to client’s printer
  • Daily exception reports and MIS reports

Advantages :

  • Outstanding skillsets on Blank, Sample, Literature or Imprint Orders
  • Batch process or real-time entry of orders based on client’s requirement
  • Execution of NDA and confidentiality agreements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Data Entry executed by highly skilled and trained graduates
  • Connectivity to client servers through encrypted VPN and firewall
  • IT head directs policy implementation and data security measures
  • All tape media and archives stored in offsite location
  • Free pilots & transition


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